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Community Leader
Up PTA Chairman Head Mistress Ehume Women Community Leader

    Community School
Ehume Obowo
Obowo L. G. A.
Imo State
16 - 2 - 2002
Dear [Board Members],    


I, Mrs. Victoria M. Nwando, a woman leader in Ehume Obowo Community hereby support the work of USAID in building human capacity in Third World countries and in Ehume in particular at the Primary School level. [Note from Dr. Cockrell: Ehume Fund has not yet requested funding from USAID. This will be done after we demonstrate the commitment of the Ehume Community when the first work is done in 2003.]

As a leader in the community, I sincerely promise that I will help to ensure that there is continuous maintenance of facilities and that there will be no discrimination in gender issues, tribe or social status. I also promise that there will be equal opportunities for all pupils irrespective of their sex.

To the best of my knowledge, the Ehume Schools are not affiliated to any political institutions and so the issue of politics being an impediment in the provision of basic education for our children, especially the girls is completely ruled out.

Finally, may I through this medium thank [Ehume Fund] for their interest in the development of human capacity through education and training particularly for girls and other disadvantaged groups.

I hereby recommend Ehume Foundation [Education Funds] as a resource for the educators in Ehume.

Meanwhile I look forward to reading your reply.

    With my love and prayers
[handwritten letter signed by writer]
Victoria M. Nwando (Mrs.)
(Community Leader)

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