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School Projects
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10-Year Plan


Project 1:

Repair and equip Community School in Ehume, Obowo, Imo State, Nigeria.


Project 2:

Provide assistance to Primary School in Umuezeagu, Obowo, Imo State, Nigeria, which is presently under construction and scheduled to be fully open by September 2002.


Project 3:

Build a new school to replace Community School.


Project 4:

Convert Community School to a teaching/learning center for adults.

Project 1 Description

Community School in Ehume is in dire need of repairs and school supplies. We plan to do the following.

bullet2003 January-March
bulletInstall a new roof.
bulletRepair/replace the walls, doors, and windows.
bulletBegin collecting books and teaching aids for Community School.
bullet2004 January-March
bulletRefinish the exterior walls.
bulletInstall interior partitions.
bulletBegin equipping the building.
bulletProvide desks, books, and education aids.
bulletSend volunteers to teach the teachers.

The success of Project 1 depends on the following:

bulletA volunteer effort by the citizens of Ehume and vicinity to perform the installations, repairs, replacements, and so forth using the materials and guidance to be provided by the Ehume Fund.
bulletFair prices for building materials from local sources.
bulletGenerous donations from citizens and government agencies.
bulletHonesty and Integrity by all citizens and officials working on the project.

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Project 2 Description

Primary School Umuezeagu is about two miles from Community School in Ehume. There has never been a school in Umuezeagu. Moved by the interest and anticipated support of the EFEF and with significant support from local, State, and National leaders, the Umuezeagu citizens held a great history-making meeting on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2002, and undertook the planning, preparation, equipping, and staffing of a 2-room Primary School in Umuezeagu. According to Dr. Duruji, Commissioner of Imo State Ministry of Education, [], he will see to it that the new school becomes one of the first in Imo State to acquire the LEA status recently announced by Mr. President Obasanjo. With financial support from local leaders and EFEF members and with material and labor donations from local citizens, we expect this school to be fully operational by September 2002.
bulletThe primary role of the EFEF will be to seek donations of math, science, and English books and related teaching aids for this school.
bulletAccording to Simon C. M. Iberosi, Special Assist. to the Honorable Commissioner, IMOE, Nigeria, " Imo State schools and libraries are in dire need of educational infrastructures such as computers and text books."  He further stated, "The logistics for collection, and subsequent shipment to Imo State is being worked out and you will be informed in due course. Meanwhile, please be rest assured that cost of shipment of all educational items collected, will be borne by the state government."
bulletFor details, please read this communiqué by Dr. Duruji.

Project 3 Description

Ehume and vicinity needs a modern school.

The school building should be


Large enough to serve the elementary school needs of the area.


Equipped with modern teaching aids and furnishings.


Maintainable by local citizens and available resources.


Secure against theft.


Located near the population center of the students.


Have adequate drinking water and restroom facilities.


Have a teaching staff supported by the government.

To begin Project 3, we must be successful with Project 1.

Project 4 Description

Project 4 is ambitious, but attainable, if we are successful with Projects 1 and 3. When the children move into the new school, we hope to convert the Project 1 school to a teaching/learning center for their parents and other adults. We want to teach the adults how to make a living in the modern global economy.

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