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To see that Ehume sons and daughters (the greater tomorrow of Ehume) embrace the modern day's civilization as participants in a peaceful democratic society.

First Project Objective

bulletTo start repairing and refurbishing the Community School in Ehume,  Obowo Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria in January-March  2003.


About Ehume Foundation Education Funds, Inc.

Ehume Foundation Education Funds, Inc. (Ehume Fund) is beating a path for other American citizens from developing nations to follow. A group of naturalized USA citizens from Ehume, Nigeria, have teamed with native-born USA citizens and formed a non-profit, tax-exempt [IRS 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to bringing the education system in Ehume from its bare existence into the 21st century with good school buildings, adequate furnishings, and modern teaching aids. The EFEF is a non-government organization with no paid staff. Except for minimal operating expenses, all financial contributions are going toward educating the Ehume children.

EFEF's Basic Education Objectives in Ehume


Expand access to basic schooling, especially for girls and for children whose parents cannot afford the tuition charged by the government.


Assure a fundamental standard of quality in the delivery of basic education by

Sending volunteers to train the teachers.


Providing modern teaching aids.


Providing textbooks, elementary-level reading materials, and writing supplies.


Increase local and state commitment to sustaining resource levels for basic education sufficient to meet access, equity and quality goals.


Work within the framework of US-Agency for International Development programs to improve national capacity to efficiently manage those resources for the delivery of effective education.


Work within the framework of US-Agency for International Development programs to promote public-private cooperation through increased community & NGO involvement.

Projects - Near Term and Later

Based on information from former residents of Ehume now living in the USA, the EFEF Board has selected as its first project the repair and refurbishment of an existing school (Ehume Community School), which was greatly damaged during the Biafran War. The Nigerian government provides teachers, but the citizens must repair the schools, and they are too poor to buy the building materials. This first project will begin in the first quarter of 2003. See the Projects page for details.

Before the completion of Project 1, we will initiate Project 2, which is to assist the Umuezeagu Primary School with the collection of books and teaching aids. This small school is under construction and is anticipated to be operational by September 2002.

See the Projects page for information about Projects 3 and 4.

How You Can Help

To accomplish its goal, the EFEF needs volunteers, educational resources, and financial assistance. We need your help in any way that you can serve. We want to hear from you today.

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