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Pictures of School
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Mr. Israel Ojimadu took these photos when he visit this school in Ehume in September 2001. Mr. Ojimadu and four other EFEF Directors attended school in Ehume in the late 60's and early 70's including the time of the Biafra-Nigeria Civil War. War damage to this school has not yet been repaired, yet the school continues to hold regular classes. Our first project will be to work with the local citizens to repair this school and refurbish it.

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Please pay particular attention to the roof. It is beyond repair and must be replaced.
The exterior walls bear the scars of war and weather deterioration. They must be cleaned, repaired, resurfaced with cement, and sealed with paint. Note, also, the absence of windows or shutters.
Most of the interior walls are in bad condition. They, too, must be cleaned, repaired, resurfaced with cement, and sealed with paint.
All the blackboards are in the condition of the one shown on this wall.
Here is one on the better teaching areas. Yet there are no windows and the floor is in bad condition from water standing on the floor when it rains. The children must sit on the floor because there are no desks.
The government does provide teachers, but very little else to support this school. Look along the walls and see the blackboards. The children sit on the floor in groups to be taught.
Here are more of the teaching staff. They need current teaching aids and books to prepare the students to live in these modern times.

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