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Commitment Letters
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PTA Chairman
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On January 2, 2002, the Imo State citizens resident in the USA and Europe, met with the Hon. Commissioner for Education, Imo State - Dr. Obinna Duruji, at his instance, at the conference hall of the Ministry of Education. At this meeting, Dr. Duruji briefed the attendees on the efforts of his Ministry geared toward the revitalization of education in all its ramifications. For the minutes of this very important meeting, please click here.

In January-February 2002, Hyacinth Nwokorie, now of Texas and formerly of the Ehume area, visited Ehume and discussed the intentions of the Ehume Fund to help the Ehume Community to improve the education of children in Ehume. She told them that the Ehume Fund Board wanted written commitments from Ehume community leaders assuring the Board of the community's willingness to help with the work and to provide continuing maintenance. She returned with many letters. From these, four have been selected to demonstrate the commitment of the Ehume Community leaders. The letters are from:

bulletEhume Community School PTA Chairman Richard Nwaosu
bulletEhume Community School Head Mistress Mrs. Sophia C. Nwandu
bulletPresident of Ehume Women Chief Mrs. Victoria Udunnaga
bulletA community leader Mrs. Victoria M. Nwando

These letters leave no doubt that the community leaders will rally the support needed to repair and maintain the Ehume Community School.

The original letters are in the files of the Ehume Foundation Education Funds, Inc. They were typed without editing to put them in a form that would download quickly.

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