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Ehume Women
Up PTA Chairman Head Mistress Ehume Women Community Leader

Dear Board Members,    

We the Women of Ehume Town in Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State -  Nigeria would welcome with both hands visits, questionnaires and contacts concerning the growth and development programme here. Especially development geared towards elevating the position of womanhood. We in the rural area have problems that we cannot solve unless we attract foreign aid.

In the primary school built some decades ago through effort of men and women together has dilapidated due to the 1967-70 civil war. Ever since then not much has been done to rehabilitate the infrastructure. We need ultramodern classrooms. Our children sit on bare floor to write as you know, such condition does not augur well for learning. Apart from the infrastructure, we need library, visual-aids for effective teaching.

The school suffers from menace of animals - goats and cows destroying the farm so we need a concrete fence round the school. If the Government or any political party has helped us, we would not be complaining of our numerous problems. What we are saying in effect is that any help rendered to Ehume will be well looked-after and well-appreciated by us.

The women will benefit greatly if any development programme is carried out in Ehume.

We thank you in advance for ever putting Ehume in your development programme while we look forward to seeing the programme realised.

    Chief Mrs. Victoria Udunnaga
President of Ehume Women
[original letter is handwritten]

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