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PTA Chairman
Up PTA Chairman Head Mistress Ehume Women Community Leader

    Richard Nwaosu
Chairman P. T. A.
Community School
Ehume Obowo,
Obowo L. G. A.
Imo State - Nigeria.
Dr. Robert Cockrell
U. S. A.

I am the Chairman of Parents Teachers Association of the above School. The subject matter of this letter is to keep you informed about the condition of our School.

The School is the most populated School in Obowo L.G.A. of Imo State - Nigeria.

The position of the school now is that the roof is leaking, the floor is broken, school tables and chairs are all out of use.

The School admits all pupils from different denomination and there is no discrimination.

The villagers cannot cope with the financial support of the school due to the situation in our country.

We need your help to bring the school to standard.

  1. The chair P. T. A. is given assurance that the people of Ehume Community will support and Ehume Community leaders [will support].
  2. The people of Ehume including the Local Govt. will continue to maintain the facilities.
  3. There will be no discrimination as far as Ehume Community is concerned.
  4. Basic Education will be provided without political agenda. Already Ehume does not give any political agenda with regard to education.
  5. Since USAID is interested in system improvement [for Africa] we need to show that the Ehume foundation in the U S will be a resources for educators in Ehume.

We shall be grateful if our request is considered.

    I am,
Yours truly,
[original signed by Mr. Nwaosu]
Richard Nwaosu
Chairman P. T. A.

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